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Professional Development at the Roundabout Theatre Company

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Roundabout Theatre Company
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Financial professional Hany Awadalla is a managing director with the investment banking division of National Securities in New York City. Also interested in theatre, Hany Awadalla spent more than a decade in the Chairman’s Circle of the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York.

In addition to its many theatre education programs, the Roundabout Theatre Company offers professional development opportunities for teachers. Participants in professional development classes use theatrical script analysis to help students study subject-specific texts. Using techniques from the theatre, students learn to provide evidence in support of claims, identify the purpose of the author, and develop close reading skills.

Professional development programs at the Roundabout Theatre Company also stress the importance of Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT), which encourages teachers to work together. In addition to rehearsing their words before delivering them, teachers refine their improvisation skills, helping them rephrase their words in an easily understandable way. Other professional development activities at the Roundabout Theatre Company include postcard production workshops and targeted theatrical teaching.